Pushy Push Notifications

I hate push notifications.

You know what they are right?

Push notifications are those alerts, indicator lights, bubbles and sounds your phone displays to tell you something is happening somewhere and you might want to know about it.

Sorry that was my definition, here is a real official definition:

Push notification, also called server push notification, is the delivery of information from a software application to a computing device without a specific request from the client.

apple push





For instance, someone comments on your amazing picture of what you’re having for lunch that you posted on Facebook.

Then it’s “ALERT, bing-bong, buzz-buzz, banner message, indicator bubble…”

Grandma has commented on your status.

I don’t like them in essence because I feel like push notifications are just flat out pushy.

It’s like they’re always yelling and waving their arms saying, “Hey! Over here! Look at me, look at me.”

If I want to check something, I’ll check it myself. I don’t want the assistance. I am narcissistic enough to check my likes and comments on Instagram on my own time.


It feels to me like push notifications are all around us.

People offering opinions about stuff they’re unqualified to opine about constantly.

Social media, Yelp and the information have made us “experts” on everything.

We have broad knowledge but seem to lack wisdom, understanding and compassion about the subjects we know so much about.

Best burger in town? Yelp knows.

Cutest Halloween costume? Instagram.

How should you set up your party? Pinterest.

How should I feel about today’s burning political issue? Facebook.

Everywhere you go, everywhere you look someone is willing to share his or her opinion if you just listen.

How do we deal with gun violence in America? “Arm everyone.” says one side.

“Take all guns from everyone.” says the other.

Be the best “parent, spouse, friend, boss, Christian, human being” ever by following these simple steps.

How do we solve the Terrorism problem? “Bomb the hell out of them!”

Oh, that’s how!? My mistake.

I thought it was complex and difficult.

My point is if we’re not careful and exercise a little wisdom every now and then pushy push notifications will take over your life.

In a life group we hosted at our house recently a mom described being restless and without peace. She shared how she just wanted time to collect herself and be.

We all need time for that. I don’t want to be controlled by the opinions or expectations of others.

One of the coolest, most hardcore things Jesus ever said on this earth is when he turned to the religious mafia of his era and said,

“Your approval means nothing to me.” (John 5.41, NLT)

Jesus was not swayed by loud and opinionated religious experts.

He was tuned into God’s leading. He was focused on loving and serving others; popular opinion took a back seat.

I want to be like that.

My push notifications are turned off on my phone.

I’m working on turning them off in everyday life as well.

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