We Kin

When others label and write them off,
We see a family member. We See Kin.

While some see them as an enemy,
We choose to see them as friend.

Some see trouble, an unnecessary risk,
We see one whose life is a precious gift.

mama baptism






We See Kin.

Some call them stranger, an unwelcome alien,
We welcome and make space. We Be Kin.

When others heap judgment, guilt and shame,
We look them in the eyes and call them by name.

Some build a wall to divide, separate and disgrace,
We build bridges, we unite, with a welcome embrace.









We Be Kin.

It’s not us versus them, they or those, it’s just us.
Why? Because. We Kin.

When society screams, “You’ve done enough! Get out!”
We gently and decidedly whisper, “Come back in.”

When others are demonized, demoralized and ostracized,
We search and gather. We make room, we restore and reenergize.






We Kin.

We don’t hate, we love.
We don’t harm, wound or kill, we heal.
We don’t exclude, bar or banish, we welcome.

We See Kin. We Are Kin. We Be Kin.

We Kin.


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