The Power of Pause: Waiting to Meet My Son

Our summer teaching series at NWLife Church is called The Power of Pause.

We’re doing our best to make the most of and embrace our time spent waiting.

Yesterday we featured a post from Leslie Wheeler about Waiting to Endure the Pain.

Today her husband shares a post about waiting to meet their son.

Kyle is the worship pastor at NWLife Church. He’s a great husband and father and will make an excellent coach for his kid’s T-Ball teams.


It’s the home stretch before I get to finally meet my son. The past couple weeks I’ve had a plethora of emotions; excitement, nervousness, joy, anxiety and of course impatience.
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Power of Pause: Waiting to Endure the Pain

Our summer teaching series at NWLife is called The Power of Pause.

It’s all about looking for and finding the value in waiting.

I asked our team to write about their experiences in waiting and anticipating in order to share them with you.

Today’s post is from Leslie Wheeler.


You know those moments in life, the big ones, when you are nervous and excited at the same time? That’s me right now.
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The Power of Pause

While our pastors, Brian and Shari Dolleman, are away we’re teaching four-week series called the Power of Pause.

This series is all about searching for and finding the value in waiting.

Have you ever been at a stop light behind someone going straight through a straight/right turn option lane? It’s so frustrating. Why don’t they just move over one lane?

How about the check out lines at grocery stores? It’s 12 items or less and you only have 6. But that guy in front of you… Yup, he clearly has 16+.

I am guilty. I am not very good at waiting.
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Checkpoints Not Finish Lines

I remember the first time I completed my first long distance run.

It was the Green River Marathon on June 5th of 2010. I had trained and prepped for the race for months.

Race is a loose term by the way; I was really just trying to get my butt across the finish line.

The Green River Marathon course starts in Kent and winds its way along the (you guessed it) Green River out to Elliot Bay and finishes at Spud’s Fish in Chips along Alki Beach in Seattle.

Once I was within two miles of the finish line I remember how desperately I wanted to cross it. My wife was there waiting with our two daughters and they were ready to welcome me.
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