The Big Church Lie

A couple weeks ago I had a fun opportunity to spend Sunday with our elementary-aged kid’s ministry for their services, which run during our main services at 9:30, 11 & 5.

Kid’s Life is a place for 2nd through 6th grade students to laugh, play, and worship. Kid’s Life mission is to make their service, “the best hour of every kid’s week.”

Every week in kid’s church students have an opportunity to make Jesus their “forever friend.”

These kids are tons of fun.
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Rally the Base

As the 2016 race for the White House heats up it causes various reactions depending on your political leaning.

After debates pundits declare winners and losers. Candidates do their best to leave us with tweet-able (not a word yet) quotes and memorable sound bites.

As I’ve been watching one thing has been increasing clear to me.

Whether you’re a liberal or a conservative, a socialist or anarchist, a political junkie or someone who can’t define the terms I just used, we can all agree about this…

Jesus needed a political adviser.

He needed a campaign manager.

He needed to rally the base.
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15 Days Away

Our family just returned from two wonderful weeks of vacation. 15 days to be specific. We used all major forms of transportation: a train, a cruise ship, a rental car and to return home, a Boeing 737. It was so fun being together with our four children and various extended family members for a memorable fall getaway.
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Power of Pause: Taking Our Time w/ Nolan

For this week’s podcast I sat down with my favorite person (my wife Stacey) to discuss one of my favorite topics (our kids).

As Nolan approaches his second birthday we’re talking about how being the parent of a child with special needs has helped us slow down and take life as it comes.

Before Nolan we had our master plan worked out.

He came along and thankfully took us in a whole new direction.

We couldn’t be more blessed than we are. Nolan makes our lives better. He’s already taught us more than we’ll ever be able to teach him.

Take some time and listen to “Taking Our Time w/ Nolan”:

Thanks for listening.

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