Mixed Signals

As a husband I am a master of reading mixed signals.

Crap, that’s not the way I wanted to start this post.

Let me try this again.

I love my wife dearly and do my best to love, help and serve her. I love to do things for her even when she doesn’t say she needs help with a specific task.


Mixed signals are frustrating. They’re confusing. You’re never sure reading and responding correctly.

You get in trouble and you don’t know why (so I’ve heard).

Unfortunately the church has been guilty of sending mixed signals for years.

We say welcome, but our stares say you don’t belong.

We say we care, but our actions are apathetic.

We say Jesus loves you and our attitudes say, “Good thing he does, cause we don’t.”

Words and actions must match for maximum impact.

If we say love, let’s show it.

If we say we care, let’s listen.

If we say Jesus loves you, let’s meet tangible needs for people.

Jesus said lots of things, but perhaps he’s most famous for what he did.

His message was clear.

The cross is the ultimate signal.

He loves us and laid his life down for us.