Top NES Games

My brother and I saved for months before we purchased our first video game console.

It was the original NES. We were so happy when we brought it home.

We played for hours and hours.

We threw lots of controllers and yelled at the TV a lot.

In honor of my first video game system I humbly submit to you my top five NES games of all time:

5. Super Mario Bros.

The game that changed gaming. I think Shaun and I played this game for seven hours straight after we brought this game home. I still remember when we finally defeated Bowser in his castle. What a victory!

4. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!

My brother Shaun is still the only person I’ve ever seen defeat Mike Tyson.

For real we screamed and ran around the house when Tyson stayed down for the count.

We called the neighbors and relatives. If I had a blog back then it would have been a featured post for sure.

3. R.C. Pro-Am

Great game. Difficult game too. Those stupid oil slicks can really mess up a good lap on an important race.

2. Super Mario Bros. 3

My wife makes no bones about it. This is her all-time favorite game. You wouldn’t know it, but I’m convinced Stacey has used more curse words playing this game than in any other context… Side note: I’ve still never beaten this game.

1. Tecmo Bowl

Easy pick for me. Number one by a mile. My team of choice?

Da’ Bears! Running with Walter Payton, playing D with Mike Singletary. One of the greatest sports games of all-time.


Alright, alright… I’ve had my fun. Now it’s your turn:

What are your top five NES games of all-time?

Please comment and share below.