Good Distractions

Stop texts stop wrecks. That’s the National Highway Travel Safety Administration’s current slogan.

Maybe you’ve heard the commercials before while driving… and it reminds you to put your phone down.

I certainly agree with the concept. It’s a corny slogan, but an important thing to try and stop.

Distracted driving is dangerous and deadly.

The truth is distraction sometimes gets a bad rap.

I think distraction can be incredibly helpful.
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The Last Supper Recovery Group

Our church launched a Celebrate Recovery program in January.

If you’re unfamiliar with Celebrate Recovery think of it this way: Alcoholics Anonymous and the Church have a baby and name it CR.

Celebrate Recovery is a recovery program that uses the 12 steps from AA and basically identifies who the “higher power” is, Jesus.

It’s been exciting people getting honest with themselves and others about their hurts, hang-ups and habits.

For so long the church was a place where those issues simply weren’t discussed.
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