Taking Ownership & Some Credit

It’s the project that knows no end.

Like so many backyard projects it started innocently enough.

A small suggestion from my wife to expand our patio is approaching its fourth month; it was supposed to take a weekend.

As I continued to dig over the weekend something wonderful happened.

My seven-year-old daughter Andrea put on her boots, grabbed a shovel and started digging with dad.

She worked hard. She grunted as she strained. She kept me company.

As the Saturday sun beat down on us Andrea slowly tired. Between wheelbarrow loads she caught her breath and rested. Her face was red from all the earth moving.

With her hands proudly on her hips Andrea stepped back to survey the project and said, “Phewww, we’ve gotten a lot done today dad.”

I smiled.

Yes “we” had.

To be totally truthful “we” was a bit of a stretch.

While it was great having my daughter with me, I did any work of real consequence.

Sure she had boots on and was holding a shovel. She even knew what we were trying to accomplish.

But physically she wasn’t able to contribute to the project.

In many ways it was actually more work to have her out there helping me.

She talked a lot, needed guidance and she slowed me down.

Yet, having my daughter work with me on the patio project was pure joy.

I loved the time we spent together. I loved having her talking with me. I loved taking a soak in the hot tub with her and the rest of the family afterward.

Life with God is a lot like that.

He does all the work of real consequence. We think we know how it’s supposed to be. We try our best to aid in what He’s accomplishing in this world.

We love to take ownership of his initiatives.

We take credit for moving a few rocks as He continues to move mountains.

Yes, we love taking a step back with hands proudly on our hips and declaring, “Wow, look what we’ve done.”

God isn’t impressed by our human struggle and strain to work hard for him.

I believe God’s happy when we choose to be with him.

He loves when we talk with him and stand close.

Yeah we probably slow down his projects but He loves being with us.

Perhaps the best part is when we lay our shovels down and simply rest and laugh with him after a long hard day’s work.