Leader of Leaders

Here’s a re-post of a podcast we did a little over a year ago:

My lovely, talented, amazing, and very pregnant wife Stacey joins me on the podcast today.

She is a skilled leader and owner of Elite Performance Dance Camps.

She just wrapped up her 10th year of business and it’s growing more than ever before.

Stacey shares some of her leadership insight with us in the area of empowering others.


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Prayer Tips from a “Pro”

I’ve never considered myself an expert on prayer.

For example, one time at a youth camp students were invited to come forward and pray at the altar.

As a student wanting to connect with God through prayer I stepped up and found a place to pray.

After a few moments I felt relaxed and rested; I was totally at peace.

Suddenly there was a tap on my shoulder. “Andy, Andy…” there was an urgency in the hushed whisper that woke me.

I wiped the drool from my mouth as my eyes struggled to adjust to the bright lights.
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Now is All You Have

Have you ever heard or read the quote, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is God’s gift, that’s why we call it the present.”?

I meant before now.

I know it’s corny and all, but there’s quite a bit of truth in that cute and catchy sentence.

Your past is just that… passed.

It’s gone.

You can’t retrieve it. There’s no going back. It’s over.
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