Power of Pause: Taking Our Time w/ Nolan

For this week’s podcast I sat down with my favorite person (my wife Stacey) to discuss one of my favorite topics (our kids).

As Nolan approaches his second birthday we’re talking about how being the parent of a child with special needs has helped us slow down and take life as it comes.

Before Nolan we had our master plan worked out.

He came along and thankfully took us in a whole new direction.

We couldn’t be more blessed than we are. Nolan makes our lives better. He’s already taught us more than we’ll ever be able to teach him.

Take some time and listen to “Taking Our Time w/ Nolan”:


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Power of Pause: Waiting for My Chance

A Power of Pause post from my dad on he and my mom’s 36th anniversary.

I am so thankful for my parents.

As you’ll read, my dad’s upbringing was full of challenges.

He never took it out on us. He and my mom provided a wonderful home for us kids to grow and feel safe.

Here’s his post, “Waiting for My Chance”


In church circles there is always a lot of talk of ‘daring to dream’ or ‘dreaming God’s dreams for you’ and ‘Fulfilling your God Given Destiny’ etc.

Dave Ramsey says the key to happiness is ‘letting your avocation be your vocation.’ I’m not one to argue (I mean, not like all the time) but I’m not entirely sure about that.

As a 16 year old, staring out the window during 7th period Geometry I certainly didn’t daydream about sitting at my desk updating status reports and creating metrics charts. (That this is what I do for a living serves as proof that God does indeed have a sense of humor)
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Power of Pause: Embracing Slow Recovery

As our series of posts on the Power of Pause rolls along I thought it’d be fun to change it up and add a podcast to the mix.

My guest is my brother Shaun Jones. He is an amazing example to me about what it means to stick with something and wait it out.

Shaun is actively in recovery for alcohol addiction. He and his wonderful wife Alison lead our Men’s and Women’s Recovery Groups. To say I’m proud of him is to NOT SAY ENOUGH!!!

He is an incredible guy and I’m blessed to call him my brother. He shares on the podcast about the need to be patient in recovery.

Thanks for listening and please share this with someone you care about.


The Power of Pause: Waiting to Meet My Son

Our summer teaching series at NWLife Church is called The Power of Pause.

We’re doing our best to make the most of and embrace our time spent waiting.

Yesterday we featured a post from Leslie Wheeler about Waiting to Endure the Pain.

Today her husband shares a post about waiting to meet their son.

Kyle is the worship pastor at NWLife Church. He’s a great husband and father and will make an excellent coach for his kid’s T-Ball teams.


It’s the home stretch before I get to finally meet my son. The past couple weeks I’ve had a plethora of emotions; excitement, nervousness, joy, anxiety and of course impatience.
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