An Ode to Olive

At just under five feet (4’ 10” but please don’t tell her) she stands taller than nearly anyone I know.

She is the matriarch of our big, fun-loving Catholic family.

My grandmother turned 88 this month and she deserves to be celebrated.

Olive Alzera Morte was born in the little town of Paia on Maui on October 8, 1926. She was the ninth of nine children; she was raised in paradise before it was truly recognized.

Sadly, her father the hard working sugar plantation manager died when she was only eight years old.
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Don’t Quit Your Day Jobs!

On today’s podcast Kyle Wheeler and I revisit our baseball predictions from the beginning of the year.

How’d we do? Well… let’s just say we won’t be quitting our day jobs any time soon!

It’s embarrassing and funny and sad.

We recap the Mariners’ season and make a few postseason predictions as well.

Thanks for laughing and listening.

The Need to Own

My wife and I recently enjoyed a wonderful European vacation together with no kids.

Yes. No kids. Notice how I used the adjective ‘wonderful,’ to describe it?

We missed them a lot, but it was fun to be away for a little while.

We visited two incredibly beautiful and historic cities: Venice, Italy and Paris, France.

Wow. Gorgeous. Amazing.

What an experience.
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