Pushy Push Notifications

I hate push notifications.

You know what they are right?

Push notifications are those alerts, indicator lights, bubbles and sounds your phone displays to tell you something is happening somewhere and you might want to know about it.

Sorry that was my definition, here is a real official definition:

Push notification, also called server push notification, is the delivery of information from a software application to a computing device without a specific request from the client.

apple push





For instance, someone comments on your amazing picture of what you’re having for lunch that you posted on Facebook.

Then it’s “ALERT, bing-bong, buzz-buzz, banner message, indicator bubble…”

Grandma has commented on your status.

I don’t like them in essence because I feel like push notifications are just flat out pushy.
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The Best Things

It was a rough weekend.

From Friday’s horrific events in Paris to the lesser known but equally appalling events in Beirut and Baghdad; words fail when trying to make sense of it all.

Bloodshed. Lives destroyed. Families left to mourn.

Sometimes it all seems hopeless. Like it will never get better.

Then comes Sunday in the local church.

What are we to do when people come to church unsettled and searching for answers?

We watch the news and wonder if God is watching too.
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The Big Church Lie

A couple weeks ago I had a fun opportunity to spend Sunday with our elementary-aged kid’s ministry for their services, which run during our main services at 9:30, 11 & 5.

Kid’s Life is a place for 2nd through 6th grade students to laugh, play, and worship. Kid’s Life mission is to make their service, “the best hour of every kid’s week.”

Every week in kid’s church students have an opportunity to make Jesus their “forever friend.”

These kids are tons of fun.
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Rally the Base

As the 2016 race for the White House heats up it causes various reactions depending on your political leaning.

After debates pundits declare winners and losers. Candidates do their best to leave us with tweet-able (not a word yet) quotes and memorable sound bites.

As I’ve been watching one thing has been increasing clear to me.

Whether you’re a liberal or a conservative, a socialist or anarchist, a political junkie or someone who can’t define the terms I just used, we can all agree about this…

Jesus needed a political adviser.

He needed a campaign manager.

He needed to rally the base.
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