My Daily Burn: Week 3

I’ve now officially lost 10 lbs so far on the Fairwood Fitness Challenge. I’m very excited about the progress I’ve made so far, however I am starting to get a little nervous…

What am I going to do when I hit my target weight? Seriously, what’s going to happen when I lose the next 15 lbs? I’m sure that means a drop in waist size; which would mean I need to go find some new jeans. Hmm, quite a conundrum.

Well I tell you what, if that’s the worst problem I face in all of this, than I really am living a blessed life. Stacey and I are having fun getting fit together. We’ve enjoyed doing ‘8 Minute Abs’ together regularly. While I can’t say it’s a daily occurance, it’s at least five out of seven days when we pop in the dvd and lay out in our living room. Andrea and Hailey have started to join us too, it’s a lot of fun.

Just last week Stacey accomplished something that I’m not sure even she thought she could do. We walked around the 9.5 mile Lake Youngs trail near our home. She was a little intimidated at the start, but she did a great job.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of getting in shape together is that it’s presented more opportunites for us to spend time together and with our girls. A couple of weeks ago we spent some time walking around Chamber’s Bay in Tacoma (pictured above). Today we plan on heading over to Alki for a nice walk along the water. Not to mention that the tv is off more than it is on, and that’s always a good thing.

I hope you’re having success as well when it comes to getting fit this summer. If you would like to get started here are a few links to help you out:

Fairwood Fitness Challenge Group on Facebook

Daily Burn’s Fairwood Fitness Challenge

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