The Journey of 42,000 Steps

I read recently that a marathon is comprised of roughly 42,000 steps. This weekend I embarked on that 26.2 mile, 42,000 step journey. On Saturday I completed my first ever marathon and it took me 4 hours and 24 minutes to reach the finish. Coming into this race I wasn’t sure what to expect; many people told me that the toughest miles to run were 17-20. I must admit I found the toughest miles to be miles 23-26. The finish line was on Alki Beach right across the street from Spud’s Fish n’ Chips. As I saw it in the distance it never seemed to get closer. My cramping legs and body was saying stop, but I forced myself to keep moving.

Running those 42,000 steps leaves me with a nice feeling of accomplishment, however I didn’t run a marathon just for the heck of it. The reason I ran was to bring focus and attention to our annual summer camp. Many of our students and leaders ran the marathon with me with the express purpose of raising funds for others. I love that, no one was running simply for themselves. Our students ran with purpose in every step. Their purpose was to help students experience summer camp this August.

I am so thankful to each person who ran, raised/gave money, and all who supported us along the way. I know that this cause is bigger than any one of us individually. I can’t wait for Lift 2010, it’s going to be an amazing week together at Schweitzer Mountain Resort. All I can say is thank you.

I want to end this post with a question…

Are you making plans to join August 16-20 at Lift 2010?

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