Taking Inventory

Recently as my wife and I were packing up and getting set to move I started thinking about all the stuff we had collected over the seven years we’ve lived there. My aunt happened to be helping me on the day of the final clean up and I found myself explaining to her all the upgrades we had done on the house. It seemed as if every improvement to our home was the result of the generosity of someone else. Here’s a short list of what I came up with:

Laminate hard wood flooring – free gift

New carpet & install for the baby nursery – free gift

New carpet & install for the baby nursery (part 2) – free gift

Tile flooring for bathrooms – free gift

New carpet & install for master bedroom – free gift

Exterior paint – overstock, free

New counter tops with install – free gift

New stamped concrete front patio – discounted work

Install of new tile floors – discounted work

Labor for painting interior / exterior of house – friends & family

…And the list could go on.

I am so thankful for the kindness and generosity of so many people who have cared about my family and I to donate their time, effort, and resources into making our home better. It’s really true; because so many people helped us our house is worth more than if the upgrades had never happened.

Taking inventory of our house got me to thinking about how when we invest in others through our time, effort, energy, and wisdom we’re doing the same thing. When we slow down and spend time pouring into others (encouraging, praying for, speaking life over, helping, believing in, caring, etc.) we are literally adding value to their lives.

In my own life I can name people who have added value to me through their actions. I bet you could do the same.

Here’s what I’m proposing… Take a moment this week and write a note, send an email, or Facebook someone who’s added value to your life and thank them for it.

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