The Most Beautiful Ugly Christmas Sweater

They were everywhere. In all patterns and colors and sizes. Each one more hideous… I mean “festive” than the next.

On Sunday our church hosted our first ever, “Best Ugly Christmas Sweater” day.

We also watched on as the kid’s ministry serenaded us with some Christmas songs. It was a fantastic day.

The kid’s sang their hearts out and it seemed like there were more camera flashes in those 18 minutes of singing than in any red carpet arrival that Joan Rivers has hosted.

There was one thing stuck out to me more than the kid’s songs, the good news message, or the seemingly countless sequined sweaters.

It was Dorothy Schubert’s outfit.

Dorothy has attended Fairwood for many years with her husband Lance. For years they have brought goodies (usually homemade) to serve and share with anyone at our free coffee area.

Dorothy and Lance get a kick out of being generous. Every year I eagerly await my Christmas present from them. It’s 3 1/2 pounds (I weighed it) of home-baked Christmas treats.

On this Sunday, “Best Ugly Christmas Sweater” Sunday, she and Lance wore sweaters they had created on their own.

Both sweaters fit the bill. Colorful, tacky, and most importantly… Ugly.

But there was something unique about Dorothy’s sweater. It was not only festive, it was also functional.

When they arrived at church I was pleasantly surprised to see that she and her husband were sporting some less than flattering sweaters. I went to help her with her fresh baked treats for the day’s church attenders. As I reached for the brownies she handed me a pair of scissors and said, “Cut a piece.”

A little confused, I took a second look at her sweater to find that she had glued hundreds of pieces of individually wrapped candy on her sweater and wanted me to cut off a piece of candy to enjoy.

I was moved by this. Really. I know, it’s kinda silly huh?

I watched her in the lobby and throughout the day offering people scissors and pieces of her sweater. She said it was her “holy sweater.”

She and her husband embody and personify what it means to be generous. They took what was a fun and silly idea and made it meaningful.

I love that Dorothy and Lance are always looking for ways to bless and be generous with others.

There’s no doubt about it; that scrubby green cardigan was the most beautiful ugly Christmas sweater of the day.

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