Welcome Baaaaak

As a dad, there’s nothing like coming back from a long trip and seeing your family again.

I recently enjoyed an extended weekend away with my brothers and dad in Northern California.

Upon my arrival home I was treated to a welcome home from my family that made me feel amazing.

Andrea screamed and hugged me.

Hailey sang and laughed.

Lincoln smiled and giggled.

The welcome home party continued as we ate a family dinner and prepared for a game night together.

Then everything changed…

Andrea, who has an overactive gag reflex like her dad, suddenly was throwing up at the table.

From the table to her chair.

From her chair to the rug.

From the rug to the kitchen floor.

From the kitchen floor to the sink, finally.

I was so mad. Frustrated. Annoyed really.

Why did she have to go and ruin a perfectly fine family night?


She went upstairs and got her bath.

I stayed down and cleaned…

…and cleaned.

Finally she came downstairs in her pajamas and bathrobe. She was noticeably upset.

I asked her what was wrong, thinking she still wasn’t feeling well.

With tears in her eyes she responded, “You’re still mad at me.”

My heart broke.

Why was I such a jerk?

Instead of being concerned for my daughter, I was angry at the mess she had created.

I did my best to patch things up with her, but I knew her broken heart wasn’t mended yet.

By the end of the night, Andrea was laying on me as we watched the World Series. She expressed how much she loved watching baseball with me and asked which team we were rooting for.

Stacey looked over at us and said, “She loves to please you.”


It clicked for me in that moment.

I love my kids. They are amazing. Each one of them brings me joy in a different way.

I am VERY PLEASED to be their dad.

I hate the thought that Andrea or any of my kids would ever have to earn love from me. I love them as they are. I love them because they’re my kids. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing they could do to ever make me stop loving them.

The same is true with God.

He is our loving, heavenly dad.

He loves us.

As we are.

Because we’re His kids.

We can’t earn it.

We don’t have to work to please Him.

He is pleased with us.

With you.

There’s no need for you to earn God’s love, He loves you more than you could ever understand.

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