Under the Influence: PBS

I was never a huge fan of Sesame Street.

I was always partial to Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

I really loved when he took us on the crayon factory tour.

Yes, the Land of Make Believe was confusing if not creepy, but I knew Mr. Rogers cared about me.

There is no doubt PBS had some influence in my childhood, but that’s not the PBS I’m writing about today.

The PBS I’m writing about is (are) Pastors Brian and Shari.

They have been a huge influence in my life over the last five years.

When I first learned they were coming to be our pastors, I was a little intimidated… okay, a lot intimidated.

Pastor Brian and Shari were known in our area as top-level youth pastors. Experts really.

I thought I knew what they were about when I heard they were coming to lead our church, and I’m happy to report I was WAYYY wrong.

Brian’s unique mix of creativity and consistency make it easy for me to be inspired by his vision as well as work to see it become reality.

He is a clear communicator.

He sends very few mixed signals.

He is honest.

Brace yourself; if you ask him a direct question, you may just get a direct answer.

He is generous.

Not just with his money (hint: always let him order first, you may get yours paid for as well), but with his time.

Brian is a good listener and when it’s his time to respond wisdom flows naturally.

The word natural is good place to start with Shari.

Shari is a natural encourager.

At first I thought, “Is this lady for real? Is she really this nice?”

Over time the answers were clear.

Yes. She is for real and she is that nice.

I’m pretty sure Shari could encourage a penguin to take flight.

She is in your corner.

She is a fantastic mother and wife.

She is a friend to all.

Her ability to speak life-giving words over others is a true example to me.

Example is the perfect word to describe their daughter Ashah.

My two daughters love her and think of her as a sister.

When she is over at our house she is conscientious, caring and kind.

I never have to worry if the playroom is a mess after Ashah has been with our girls.

They want to be just like her.

She is also quite the influence on her friends at school.

She is a great inviter and bringer of friends to youth church.

I could go on and on about this incredible family.

The Dollemans are people builders.

Leader producers.

I am better because of their influence.

They have meant so much to me, my family, and the entire team here at NWLife.

Just as PBS was an influence over my formative years as a child, Pastors Brian & Shari have been a great influence over my early years in ministry.

We love you and celebrate five great years with you.

Here’s to 25 more.

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