Your Best Feature

What’s your best feature?

Come on don’t be shy…


Easy. It’s my nose.

I’ve always maintained that my nose was the inspiration for cartoonists to draw the upside down 7 to depict a characters nose.

That’s exactly how mine looks.

My wife’s best feature?

Even easier.

Her kindness.

She is beautiful physically no doubt, but her care and concern for others is very attractive.

Have you ever read a description of Jesus from the Bible?

It’s vastly different than the pictures we often see.

Usually he’s rocking a Fabio style haircut, has piecing blue eyes and a beard that would make a lumberjack proud.

But listen to this description of him from the book of Isaiah:

“There was nothing beautiful or majestic about his appearance, nothing to attract us to him.” (Isaiah 53.2, NLT)

Not a word about the beard, his deep blue eyes or his lovely lochs.

In fact, the Bible describes our here as plain.

Other versions read, “Nothing attractive,” and “nothing to cause us take a second look.”

So what’s so attractive about Jesus?

Why were people drawn to him?

Was it the miracles?

Sure. But I’m not convinced a few magic tricks have that kind of staying power.

There’s another description of Jesus we need to look at:

The Word (Jesus) became a human being. He made his home with us… He came from the Father. And he was full of grace and truth. (John 1.14, NIV)

The last three words are the key descriptors.

Grace and Truth.

His grace accepts, saves, and keeps us.

His truth leads, guides, and teaches us.

What’s Jesus best feature?

That’s easy.

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