First Things First

I wanted to pass on a little something I’ve been trying lately and really enjoying.

If you’re like me and you find it difficult to get into a good routine when it comes to praying and reading your Bible than this post may help.

If you’re not, then feel free to quit reading.

This post is for the rest of us.

I live a pretty busy life. I love it. But it can feel crazy sometimes.

On the advice of Pastor Tommy Barnett, who was recently with our church and staff, I’ve tried something new and I’m really enjoying it.

He mentioned that he begins each day by dedicating it to God. Saying a simple prayer like, “God, I’m all yours today. I want to be about your business.”

He then gets his Bible and the Newspaper finds a secluded place (a corner of the church’s parking lot) and reads them both.

I love the idea that Pastor Tommy was communicating.

To me it’s a, “first things first,” approach.

So I’ve modified and made it my own.

Every morning I’ve been getting up and reaching for my phone. This usually involves reaching over my five year old daughter Hailey.

On my phone I go straight to the NWLife Church App. (Note: If link doesn’t work check back. Our app recently updated).

Once there I click on the tab for our church Bible Reading Plan.

It’s a chapter a day. Right now we’re in the book of Proverbs.

Then I click on ‘read now.’ This takes me to straight to the chapter and I read it as I lay in bed.

My first act every morning is to be quiet and allow God to speak to me through his Word.

Has it changed my life? Am I closer to God than ever before? Should everyone do this if they want to be a Christian?

Well no.

It’s simply something I’ve been enjoying.

I want to make sure that everyday starts with communication with my God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Reading the Bible is one way to hear from Him.

For me, one chapter isn’t really enough anyway. I read and study at different times depending on the day.

I write all this in hopes that inspires you to communicate with God too.

Find what works for you and build the habit into your life.

Don’t become legalistic about it.

If I forget to read my Bible, God isn’t mad at me.

I simply missed a chance to hear from Him and it makes me want to read all the more the next day.

So what’s stopping you?

Today seems like a great day to form a new healthy habit.

If you’d like to use our church Bible Reading Plan click here.

Or download our NWLife Church App today. (again you may need to wait for the update).

Good luck as you begin your new adventure.

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