Happy Birthday Kana!

I don’t normally post on Tuesday, but today is special exception.

Here’s a little something for my younger brother Shaun:


He’s always been talented.

He’s good at seemingly everything he puts his mind to.

From an early age my friendship and rivalry with my brother began… Okay, okay, it started the day he was born.

He pushed me to be better athletically and I’d like to think I had a similar influence on him.

We played fun made up games including, but not limited to: Piano, Rocket Ship, and Johnny Ball.

(I’m not sure I could explain any of these games succinctly, so I won’t bother).

Shaun is 22 months younger than me and yet I feel like the one trying to play catch up all these years.

He is smart, gifted, athletic, funny and caring.

He’s my coworker, teammate, brother, and friend.

It’s been a privilege to work alongside him at the church for all these years.

He is a skilled media man, who just happens to be able to lead worship too.

To me his most important role is as brother and friend.

I’ve known plenty of people with siblings they didn’t consider friends.

I love going out to eat, watching movies, and vacationing with Francis (his middle name).

Shaun is wonderful brother-in-law to my wife Stacey.

He’s a fantastic uncle to Andrea, Hailey and Lincoln.

I’m a better husband, dad, son, leader, and most importantly, a better person because of Kana (Shaun in Hawaiian).

Happy birthday.

I hope this year is better and more incredible than all other years combined.

Thanks Shaun for being an influence to so many people, including me, your older brother.

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