Burger Me

This post is most likely inspired by the fact that I’m not currently being strict with my diet.

It could also be because I’m really craving a delicious hamburger.

Here are my top five places to grab a great burger in and around the Seattle area:

5. El Gaucho

I know what you’re thinking… Well not really, I’m just guessing.

El Gaucho? Isn’t that expensive?

No actually. Try the happy hour burger there and you’ll thank me. White cheddar cheese, bacon, ground fillet, hmmm.

Hint: Order the Diablo Shrimp and use the sauce on your burger.

4. Lil’ Woody’s

Fun. Eclectic. Delicious.

Just off I-5 on Capital Hill in Seattle.

Lil’ Woody’s features exotic burgers as well as good ole’ fashioned favorites.

They also sell something called, ‘Crack’ (fries served with a shake for dipping).

Hint: Try the burger called the ‘Fig and the Pig’

3. Lunchbox Laboratory

Seriously a must try experience.

Located just off 405 in Bellevue.

This burger lab is full of exciting experiments that create a taste explosions.

Hint: Try the Dork Balls (duck & pork).

2. John Howie

Another one of my favorite happy hour spots. The budget burger from the bar menu does NOT disappoint.

Similar to the El Gaucho burger, but just better.

Hint: While at John Howie, order the fried Brussels sprouts. Yes, you read that correctly. They are incredible.

1. Toulouse Petit

As far as my wife and I are concerned this lower Queen Anne spot is the best restaurant in Seattle.

We love it. Whether it’s date night or we’re just hanging in Seattle, it’s always our choice.

Bold flavors and original creations for breakfast, lunch and dinner are found here.

The happy hour burger here is absolutely amazing. It’s perfect. The bun, the cheese, the meat.

Hint: Try going for breakfast happy hour.


I know I probably left your favorite off my list.

So share your favorite spots.

Where else can I get a great burger?

7 thoughts on “Burger Me

  1. I used to work at Toulouse Petit when I lived in Seattle and I have to agree with you – their food is top notch. I’m not a huge burger fan but did really like their Lamb Burger sliders. My other favorites there are the Crab Ravigote on Fried Green Tomatoes and the Beet Salad. Jason and I used to go to the original Lunchbox Laboratories in Seattle, they have great burgers but they are huge!! If you are ever looking for another fun happy hour spot you should try Barolo in South Lake Union…..the bar can get a little crowded but the half off bar food menu is great and it is a fun atmosphere. I think they do have a burger on the menu. I could go on and on about favorite spots in Seattle – I sure miss living there sometimes!

  2. For me the “best” burgers are probably the worst burgers! IF I am going to eat a burger, it’s likely to be from a dive… Your title had me thinking of Burger Me in Bellingham because they are without a doubt towards the top of my list! YUM

  3. Thought of another one. If you want local/easy/accessible Dukes has a burger with sharp cheddar that is great. The lobster chowder isn’t bad either.

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