DJ Marin Guest Post: Now Means Now

DJ is cool.

Before he gave his life to Jesus he’d drive by our church and flip us off every single time.

He’s a great young leader who has dedicated his life to developing other great young leaders.

Now Means Now

It’s funny how many concepts we come up with for “NOW”.

It’s such a great word to get excited about.

Easy to get on the bandwagon on the concept of “now”.

Wooooooo! “Lose weight now,” “Forgive now,” “Serve now” etc.

After stripping away all the hype we have to realize something…

There is a “right” oops… “correct” time for “Now.”

No “NOW” isn’t the time for a 65-year-old senior pastor to rock skinnys.

If we’re not careful we can find ourselves getting into the wrong “NOW.”

Here are a few ways to tell if your “NOW” is the “NOW” for you.

1. Yolo isn’t a thing

Y.O.L.O = you only love once

Yes, it’s true, but lets keep it at what it really is, a catchy song in 2012 and an excuse for HS and college kids to do dumb things.

Don’t take your “NOW” lightly it can be a decision that changes your life forever.

Many people choose their “NOW” for detrimental decisions.

Yup it’s true you only live only live once, but “NOW” isn’t the time to sell your car and get a back tattoo of your favorite football team.

2. Working to Convince Yourself

If you have to ask yourself is this really a good idea? It probably isn’t.

If you’re working really hard to get yourself confident in a “NOW” decision you’re probably doing it for the wrong reasons.

What works others may not be the case for you. Make sure your 100% about your “Now” and not working to hard to convince yourself.

3. Is it worth it? Let me work it!

“NOW” is the perfect time to find your “NOW” and if you’re all than work it!


Get creative and excited about it.

But like I said if its worth it… work it!

Truth: Only you can seize your “NOW” moment.

Another Truth: Only you can ruin your “NOW” moment.

Choose the “Right” Now for you.

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