I Choose Grace

I am really good at snap judgments.

If there were an All-Star team for reading other people’s motives I’d be on it. No, I’d be the team captain.

I’m not sure if my skill comes from my desire to understand people or need to judge them.

It’s not something I’m terribly proud of; it’s simply something that is.

The problem with my amazing skill set is I can’t find any Biblical precedent for it.

Jesus never called me to do it.

In fact, Jesus actually called me to go and do the opposite.

In Matthew 10.8 he reminds the disciples to give freely just as they have received freely.

What makes me think I have the right to major in motive discerning?

My calling is to be grace dispensing.

When someone hurts me… Grace.

When they lie about me… Grace.

When they break my trust… Grace.

When they don’t vote like me… Grace.

When they cheat… Grace.

When I know they’re wrong, but they think they’re right… Grace.

When they’re rude for no reason… Grace.

Every single day. In all situations. Everywhere I go.

I can be a grace dispenser or a motive discerner.

I choose Grace.

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