Mt. Rushmore of TV Dramas

Whoever designed Mt. Rushmore had their favorites.

It’s obvious enough isn’t it?

Quick, off the top of your head can you name the four people etched into the side of the mountain?

(Jeopardy theme playing)

Answer: (from left to right) Mt. Rushmore features George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt & Abraham Lincoln.

The sculptor of Mt. Rushmore,¬†Gutzon Borglum, definitely had his four favorite presidents in mind when he took on the project and it’s in his honor that I present today’s post to you.

The following is my Mt. Rushmore of TV Dramas all time:

4. Mad Men

Don Draper, along with the other lead characters on the list may be one of the most complex characters ever written for television.

Are you supposed to love him or hate him? Root for him or against him?

I guess that’s what makes him and this show so great.

Great writing and acting performances help as well, but Mad Men certainly deserves to be on my list.

3. The Sopranos

All the things I wrote about Don Draper apply to Tony Soprano.

This show is captivating. Most of the time you try your best to believe its not real, but every now and again you see something and you’re certain the mafia is alive and well in your town.

Whenever I watch this show I start craving Italian food.

Yes, It is violent and harsh, but at times it’s very tender and thoughtful.

On my Mt. Rushmore James Gandolfini’s face is clearly visible.

2. The Wire

Raw. Gritty. Dirty. Cruel. Seedy.

The Wire is such a well written show I kept forgetting it was a story and thought of it more as a documentary.

Season by season you’re led through crime and corruption throughout the city of Baltimore.

It’s really tough to tell who the bad guys and good guys are. Corruption is not reserved for the drug dealers only.

The police, politicians, school and legal systems are all participants.

It’s a social commentary as much as it is an award winning drama.

1. Breaking Bad

I understand there’s no real number one on Mt. Rushmore and it’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite TV drama, but if I had to Breaking Bad would be the winner.

This show blurs the lines of morality. I’m not sure which character to even root for any more.

The show’s final episode this week much to my wife’s delight.

She is quoted as saying, “Breaking Bad is the only show I’ve ever loathed.”

Even the theme music makes her leave the room.

Walter White’s transformation from sympathetic cancer patient to drug tycoon is mesmerizing.

His face is on my Mt. Rushmore, heck I’m half temped to throw Saul Goodman face up there too.


So what about you?

What TV dramas make it on your Mt. Rushmore?