Happy Birthday Shari!

Today is Shari Dolleman’s birthday.

While it’s not a national holiday (yet), I thought it’d be fun to celebrate her special day by sharing with you five reasons our family loves Pastor Shari.

5. She treats our kids as her own.

All of our children adore her. They love to run to her and talk with her (okay, okay, mostly Hailey).

It could be because she gives them fruit snacks or it could be because she gets down on their level and takes an honest interest in what they’re interested in.

Loving and caring for my kids automatically makes you a wonderful person in my book.

4. Encouragement

Does a more encouraging person exist?


She is free with compliments and they seem genuine because they are.

Shari has a unique ability to build people through her words.

3. She is Generous

Her generosity goes far beyond finances.

Shari is generous with her time.

She is generous with her praise.

She is a great listener.

Her generosity has inspired my wife and I to grow in our generosity towards others.

2. She is Humble

This one may border on a fault at times.

She thinks of others so often that it seems she forgets about herself.

She loves to build others up while downplaying herself.

Self-promotion is a native language to many.

Humility is a lost art.

I suppose that makes Shari a modern day Monet.

1. She is Kind

Kindness is probably her best virtue.

To her core Shari is kind.

There is very little bitterness and malice in her.

Her kindness comes with no strings attached.

She isn’t trying to manipulate, she’s trying to show you she cares about you.

Happy birthday Pastor Shari!

We love you.

Our lives are better because we know and can call you our pastor and friend.


This is not an exhaustive list.

Why do you love Shari?

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