Today > Someday

If I could buy stock in “someday” I would.

For real, think of all the great stuff that happens “someday.”

People save money someday.

People go on their dream vacation someday.

Someday there will be no more violence and the world will be at peace.

Someday is when everyone seems to find their soul mate.

Someday is an amazing day.

The problem of course is someday never really comes. It’s always just beyond our reach.

I’ve joked before about the fact that 100% of all failed diets begin someday.

When it comes to that thing you’ve been thinking, dreaming and planning for someday must become TODAY.

I had this realization back in 2009.

I was overweight and needed to get in shape.

I couldn’t live off of my yesterday when I was young and still had a metabolism.

I also couldn’t keep putting it off until someday when the timing would be just right.

Now was the time and I needed to act.

In total I lost over 25 lbs over a few months.

It was important then and it’s still important now.

I want to grow old with my children, grandchildren and if God would allow it, even my great-grandchildren.

I know there’s no guarantee of any of that, but I don’t want my health to be the thing that disqualifies me.

TODAY, NOW – not someday is the day to make it happen.

“Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant. If they watch every cloud they never harvest.” (Ecclesiastes 11.4, NLT)

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