My Daily Burn

At the church we have started something called the, “Fairwood Fitness Challenge.” The goal is to help people live and eat healthy throughout the summer. It starts officially Monday, June 1st and continues through July and August. We’ve started a Facebook page (Fairwood Fitness Challenge) and as a church, we’re recommending some various sites to use to help people pursue their fitness goals.

The site I’ve been using and enjoying in the early going has been On dailyburn the user can set weight loss goals, track calories, and log exercise. We’ve started a group page on dailyburn that you can join by clicking the “join this challenge” button and setting up an account:

In the week leading up to the challenge kickoff I have noticed that just knowing that I have to record what I eat makes me think twice about what I put in my body. I’ve had some moderate success in dropping some quick pounds, but I’m in this for the long haul. It’s time for me to make healthy eating a lifestyle not just a quick way to lose weight.

As I mentioned before the goal of this whole fitness challenge is to inspire and help people reach their fitness goals. Whether you’re wanting to add some muscle, shed some pounds, run a mile faster, or just want to make healthier choices; this challenge is for you.

I challenge you to join us at Fairwood Church as we get fit together this summer. I think you’ll find that it’s fun, especially knowing that others are going along with you on this challenge. Come on I dare you…

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