My Daily Burn Week #2

Well here it is one week after the kick-off of the, “Fairwood Fitness Challenge,” and I’m feeling pretty good. I started a few days before the official start of the challenge and I’m happy to report I’ve already cut 7 lbs of the 25 I’m trying to lose.

I have enjoyed going to everyday and recording all that I’ve eaten and the exercise I’ve done. I like that I can see the progress of the others that have joined the challenge as well. Knowing that I must record my food inspires me to say “I’m full,” and “I’ve had enough to eat.” Interestingly, I’m finding that I really am too.

So, yah for me! But what about you? Are you noticing signs of progress? Has this been tough? What advice do you have for fellow Fairwood Fitness Challenge Participants?

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