JT’s NFL Predictions (Part 1)

Due to the overwhelming amount of requests (okay two), my uncle, Jeff Todd, has finally decided to join me and talk some NFL.

Whenever I have a football related question I inevitably end up asking JT.

We’re calling this our NFL Prediction MEGA Podcast.

Here is part one, in which we tackle some AFC predictions:

[haiku url=”http://andyjoneslive.com/audio/andyjoneslive8-28-12.mp3″ title=”JT’s NFL Predictions (Part 1)”]


By the way, if you’re ever in the market for a new TV, Jeff is your guy.

He’s the store manager at Video Only in Bellevue.

Please comment with your AFC predictions.

3 thoughts on “JT’s NFL Predictions (Part 1)

  1. AFC WEST Denver – defense, best QB
    AFC EAST New England – the rest of the division is sketchy
    AFC NORTH Baltimore – never utter the name of that team from Western Pennsyvania
    AFC SOUTH Houston – Arian Foster and Ben Tate

    Wild Card: Kansas City because I like their uniforms and the team from Western Pennsylvania whose uniforms make me vomit. New England beats Baltimore for the Super Bowl berth

    And giving up on a lousy black quarterback to start a talented black quarterback is fundamentally racist

  2. Awesome picks, your guest host has a voice for sales, not radio and I agree that Pittsburgh is similar to a toilet.

  3. similar? How about “is”?

    I’ve never, ever rooted for a team from Pittsburgh in my whole life, but I’m kind of pulling for the Pirates to get a wildcard spot

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