Solution Speakers vs. Problem Proclaimers

My wife has owned and operated her own business for the last eight years.

She is very good at what she does.

I look forward to the day when she is the breadwinner and I can be a full time stay at home dad (I’m kidding… kinda).

One of the rules she has with her employees is they are never to call, email, or report a problem to her without offering a potential solution as well.

She didn’t have this rule initially and couldn’t believe the amount of drama, complaining, and nonsensical emails she was receiving.

So she made the rule: No More Problem Proclaimers.

Instead every employee must be a Solution Speaker.

The result?

Her business is now more efficient and profitable than ever before.

Is she immune from problems, issues, and hang-ups?


But she has put the onus on her employees to seek out solutions to those problems.

I’ve been fascinated with this concept for a while now.

One of the reasons politics gets so tiresome is because it’s full of people pointing out and proclaiming the “other sides” problems and rarely offering solutions.

I’m convinced life would be better if we were all dedicated to being solution speakers not problem proclaimers.

How would becoming a solution speaker affect your home? Your workplace? Your relationships?

Do you have to have all the answers?

No, but at least think through a few solutions before you proclaim the next problem.

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