The Sweetest Sound

The sweetest sound in the human language is one’s own name.

We put this into practice last night at our first fall life group.

In room full of vaguely familiar faces we wanted to help people get to know one another.

We played the, “Name Game.”

You introduce yourself to the group by adding a descriptive word that starts with the same letter as your name.

Ex: Loud Larry, Kind Katherine, or Stinky Stan.

As we sat in misshaped circle we attempted to repeat all previous names in order then added our own.

Our life group went like this:

  • Laughing Lincoln
  • Amazing Andrea
  • Miraculous Miranda-Lynn
  • Kinetic Kurt
  • Super Shannon
  • Crazy Colin
  • Sassy Stacey
  • Sugar Shane
  • Kooky Kari
  • Supersonic Shawn
  • Jammin’ Jim
  • Smiling Sarah
  • Jammin’ Jim Jr.
  • Charming Chris
  • Loopy Lisa
  • Anatomically Correct Andy


What amazed me was that everyone in our group did it.

Seriously, how many times have you heard something like this?

“Oh sorry, I’m not very good with names.”


“I know faces, not names.”

What they’re really saying is, you’re not important enough to remember.

When everyone had to concentrate and learn names they were able to… at least for the short term.

It was a fun way to start off our life group and from here on out I’m going to make a more concerted effort to learn and remember people’s names.

Wanting to connect more with people?

Start with their name.

It’s the sweetest sound they’ll hear and will open the door for relationship.

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