Super Ads

Here is an imperfect list of my favorite Super Bowl ads.

Please feel free to help out by writing in some of your own.

5. Tabasco Mosquito – 2009

Simple and funny. And for the record, I don’t even like Tabasco sauce.

4. “The Showdown” – 1993

Two of my childhood idols playing a game of H-O-R-S-E. Pay special attention to MJ’s sweater.

3. Apple “1984” – 1984

While not a funny ad, most Super Bowl Ad Historians (can’t believe that’s really a thing) agree this may have been one of the most influential ads in Super Bowl history.

2. Your Cheatin’ Heart – 1996

Again, here is a simple ad that’s easy for me to understand.

1. Terry Tate Office Linebacker – 2003

No question my favorite ad of all-time. I still laugh every time I watch it. My favorite line is, “You know you need a cover sheet for your TPS reports, Richard!”

Bonus Commercial. Watch for this one from VW this Sunday:

This ad makes me smile.

What are your favorites?

Which ads should have been on my list?

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