Best Blogs of 2013

I know this is a little bit late, but I really want to give credit out for some great writing.

This is award show season and in an effort to stay current I want to award five blog posts as my favorites for 2013.

Each of these writers produces many posts throughout the year that are worthy of winning a “Bloggy Award” (yeah, that’s a thing), but I’ve chosen my favorite from each author.

Please share some of your favorites as well.

First up, a post from Angela Hagebusch. I like this one so much because it reminds me of how God is able to change our plans when we least expect it. Take a minute and read:

A Change of Plans

Next up is Tyler Sollie. He is a great writer and friend. He leads the Northwest Ministry Network of Youth Pastors. In this post Tyler shares the wisdom of embracing process.

Growing Through the Process

While I don’t know this guy personally I really appreciate his perspective. Carlos Whitaker writes openly about “Popping Your Christian Bubble.” For people who work in the church or are products of Christian schooling this is a MUST READ:

5 Steps to Popping Your Christian Bubble

This next post comes from the funniest person I know, my dad. I asked him to write a post for our Now is > series this summer. It’s about how he first got involved in ministry. I’m hoping that in 2014 my dad starts his own site. Read his guest post on my site below:

Now >> Use Your Gifts to Build the Church

This final post may have been my favorite read of the year. My pastor, Brian Dolleman, took a six week break and emerged with some of the best writing I’ve ever seen when it comes to ministry. This post was brutally honest and hope-filled. Enjoy it and make sure to read his stuff on a regular basis.

Things I Dislike About Ministry (Part 2)

Thanks to all the writers who’ve inspired me in 2013. Enjoy their posts and give them a read more often in 2014.

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