Slow & Steady… & Smilely

It’s been 27 days since Nolan’s open heart surgery.

The first 16 were spent at Children’s Hospital in Seattle.

There were scary days, discouraging ones and days when progress was made.

Overall Nolan is doing very well. He had major surgery and is recovering nicely.

He will continue to be monitored and have lots of follow-up appointments to chart his progress.

Stacey and I are moved by how much people have come alongside and helped us with so many things.

We have have sensed God’s love, care and comfort through family, friends, neighbors and strangers.

God is good. Very good. We know this because his goodness is clearly seen in the kindness of others.

He loves us. We know because so many people have expressed his love for us tangibly through meals and acts of service.

He cares about us. We know because we’ve experienced his care through so many.

He smiles upon us. We are certain of his smile because Nolan reflects it for us daily.

Thanks to all who have prayed, believed, and shown God’s love to us over the last month.

Nolan and our entire family are blessed to know you.



6 thoughts on “Slow & Steady… & Smilely

  1. Glad to see that the lord is so good an nolan is doing well,you are amazing parents to a gorgeous family!prayers to ur family and faith,patient and love to you family! Hugs

  2. See Andy, I told you he’d pull through. It’s a scary procedure, and I know first hand what it feels like as a Father to have to watch and feel helpless. Yet as a husband and a dad, you have to be the emotional rock for your family to lean on for support. I remember finally having my moment of grief and relief when they told us Emberlynn was going to be ok. It’s very powerful. I asked God to give Nolan the strength he gave Em when she went through this, and by everything I’ve seen he has. I have a strong willed active 7 yr old now and I’m sure Nolan will be too. I’m thankful he made it through, but I knew he would. Give me a call if you ever need to talk, and give Stacey a hug for me, I’m sure she could use another one too.

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