Lies Extroverts Tell (3 of 3)

Full disclosure: This whole series of posts about lies extroverts tell could and maybe should be called:

Lies This Extrovert Tells.

There, that feels better.

Sorry for dragging all you other extroverts down with me… Well not really.

Extroverts need to be held accountable for our craziness.

Yes, the world is louder and less organized because of us, but we shouldn’t overrate our value too much.

We need boring old introverts too.

Before revealing what I think is the biggest lie extroverts tell let me recap the first two and give you a few honorable mentions as well.

Lie #1 – “Hey, I really like your ________!” (shirt, shoes, hat, hair, necklace, bracelet)

More than likely not the case, but it makes others feel good so we say it.

Lie #2 – “Come on, it’ll be fun.”

We have no idea if it will be fun, but we really want you to come along. Please come, pleeeeease.

Here are a few extra lies we tell that make the honorable mention list.

“Great to see you!”

Nope. We are “people-people” but not all the time. Sometimes it’s just “meh” to see you.

“We totally need to hangout.”

Come on. Give me a break. Pastors love this one.

Off the top of your head what do you think the likelihood is that this so called “hangout” will actually occur?



Lower. Extroverts feel pressure to say this because they think everybody wants to hangout with them.

“That was the best ________ ever!!!” (movie, book, church service, conference)

Really? Are you sure? The best ever? Ever is a long time. Nothing has ever topped it? Come on. Stop it.

Alright, enough of the honorable mentions.

At long last here is what I deem to be the biggest falsehood extroverts are out there trying to convince people of:

“…It’s because I’m an extrovert.”

This lie is usually told in an effort to excuse one’s behavior.

I couldn’t do _______ or I did _______ because I’m an extrovert.

This is fundamentally not true. We all have control over our emotions and actions and blaming your extroversion for making a bad joke about someone or something is not cool.

The joke in bad taste happened because you didn’t think through how it would be received.

Extroverts must own up to our mistakes or tendencies. Don’t pin them on the fact that you’re a people person.

Our extroverted tendencies are wonderful. The world needs fun, laughter and people who are good mixers at parties.

I’m not ashamed of my extroversion, I just don’t want to blame bad behavior on it.


Alright, what did I miss?

What are some other lies extroverts tell?

I promise you won’t offend me.

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