Lies Extroverts Tell (3 of 3)

Full disclosure: This whole series of posts about lies extroverts tell could and maybe should be called:

Lies This Extrovert Tells.

There, that feels better.

Sorry for dragging all you other extroverts down with me… Well not really.

Extroverts need to be held accountable for our craziness.

Yes, the world is louder and less organized because of us, but we shouldn’t overrate our value too much.

We need boring old introverts too.
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Lies Extroverts Tell (2 of 3)

A friend recently told me:

“It’s tough for me to trust extroverts because whenever they get excited and tell me something I feel like they’re lying.”

I’m an extrovert.

His comment cut me deep — really deep.

He probably isn’t too far off in his assessment.

It was his comment and my own self-reflection that inspired this series of posts.

I’m not out to make extroverts feel bad or anything. I’m simply wanting to have fun with our quirks.

And fear not, I have a few posts lined up for the introverts too.
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