Best of 2014

Here’s another great post from 2014.

This one is from Angela Hagebusch.

She is one of the Children’s Pastors at NWLife Church.

Angela is a talented lady. She’s a great mother, leader and author.

In this post she reminds us all to be careful about playing, “The What If Game.”

Take a minute and read her post:


what if2







Do you ever play the “what-if” game?

What if I hadn’t made that decision?

What if I hadn’t said what I did?

What if things would have gone differently?

I’ve played this game before and it can be quite dangerous.

It can wreck you emotionally and leave you feeling full of guilt.

What if my dad had left five minutes earlier for work the night of the accident? Maybe the drunk driver wouldn’t have smashed into his motorcycle and things would be different today.

What if I had chosen to stay by my mom’s hospital bed the day she died, rather than choosing to go to the school dance? Could I have done something? Would she have said something to me before she slipped away?

Years later and my what-ifs still stay with me.

Sometimes I need to be reminded and maybe you need to hear it too:

You can’t change the what-ifs of your past,

but you can have a say in the what-ifs of your future.

What if you truly lived your life now, doing the best that you can – grateful for all that you have?

What if you remembered that you are loved for who you are and forgiven of the mistakes you have made?

What if you treated others the way you want to be treated and showed kindness to everyone you meet?

The what-if game can be damaging when you dwell on all you wish you had done differently.  Instead focus on all the positive possibilities that your what-ifs could bring.

What if you didn’t let fear stop you and you did that thing you’ve always wanted to do.

What if you wrote that book, took that job, or followed where God is leading you.

What if you stopped holding onto the past and moved forward towards a great future.


Make sure to check out Angela’s writing on a regular basis on her website.

She also has written several holiday books which you can see and order here.

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