Top 12 of 2014

Here’s a great post from Tyler Sollie.

He is our network Youth Ministry leader.

Basically he keeps youth pastors like me in line.

He is a great husband, father, leader, but most importantly to me, he’s a great friend.

I’m thankful that he and his wife Amber are part of our lives.

Here’s one of his best from 2014:



Having things in the correct order makes a difference.

If you’ve ever tried to put a piece of furniture together from Ikea you understand exactly what I am talking about. I remember putting some bookshelves together and neglected to notice in the instructions which way a specific piece of the shelf was supposed to be facing. After I was done building the shelf I realized that I missed it. Instead of being done I now had to tear it down and build it the correct way.

Life can be like that.

I’m learning more all the time about the importance of having things in the correct order in life.

In John 21 we see Jesus having a conversation with Peter after he had made some choices that he regretted. What I love about Jesus in how he addresses Peter’s failures is it all starts with Jesus feeding Peter breakfast! Talk about grace!

After breakfast, Jesus asks Peter a series of questions that are important for each of us to consider.

After breakfast Jesus asked Simon Peter, “Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?”
“Yes, Lord,” Peter replied, “you know I love you.”
Then feed my lambs,” Jesus told him.

John 21:15 (emphasis added)

Did you see it?

Look again at the conversation that Jesus has with Peter.

Do you love me? RELATIONSHIP

Then feed my lambs. RESPONSIBILITY

In ministry and in faith it is vital to get this order correct.

My responsibility from Jesus flows from my relationship with Jesus.

It is easy to get this mixed around. It is easy to become so focused on the responsibility that He has entrusted to our care that we neglect the very thing that will fuel and enable us to fulfill it: relationship with Him. He doesn’t call us to do things before first calling us to Himself.

But lets be honest…things are easier to measure. They are concrete. We end up with a nice little check list at the end of the day of all the things we have done for Jesus.

But could it be that if we approach Jesus in this way, we are missing the very point?

There have been seasons in my life where I’ve missed it. There are still moments where I am tempted to pursue having relationship with Jesus only  because of the responsibility He has given to me.

It’s time to evaluate the order.

He calls us first to relationship. Then from that relationship flows responsibility.

What I do FOR Jesus will never replace the necessity for being WITH Jesus.

The order is important.


The best part about posting one of Tyler’s best from 2014 is now he’ll text and offer to take me to coffee…

I’m sitting by my phone Tyler.

Read more from him here on his website:

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