What Are You Looking At?

I can still vividly remember the look my mom would give me when I had done something wrong as a kid.

That’s in part because my wife has the same unique ability to communicate without saying a word.

The looks she occasionally gives me bring me back to being a disobedient seven year old all over again.

I’m willing to wager you too have received a similar look.

For some reason the look from a mother is more chilling and frightening.

A single well-timed glance from my mother could make me do anything; even behave at a dinner party.

I take comfort knowing that even Jesus had to deal with a mother’s death stare.

Here’s the quick setup:

Jesus and his mom are at a wedding and the unthinkable happens… The hosting family runs out of wine.

GASP! SHOCK! (Woman Screams).

This was culturally unacceptable.

To run out of wine was a major faux pas. Simply put, it was a BIG no-no.

Then Mary, Jesus’ mom goes into, “Mom-Mode.”

She says to her son, who also happens to be God, “They have no more wine.” (John 2.3, NLT)


This was not merely an informative statement.

It’s more like when your mom says to you, “The dishwasher is still full.”

This is roughly translated, “Why the heck didn’t you do the dishes after I told you to three hours ago?”

(Back to Mary and Jesus)

There is a certain amount of expectation in her statement.

Jesus is clearly tracking with his mom because his response indicates he’s sensing a request.

He responds with, “That’s not our problem,” and “My time has not yet come.”

Again I offer you my rough interpretation.

“Mom, please don’t make a scene.”

Then something weird happens.

Mary says to the servants, “Do whatever he (Jesus) tells you.” (John 2.5, NLT)

She seems to believe a miracle is going to happen even though, her son, who once again happens to be God, said no.

The story continues with Jesus performing his first public miracle. Water into wine.

But how did we even get here? Jesus essentially told his mom, “No.”

What happened?

How did we go from, “Mom, don’t make a scene,” to wine out of water?

All I can chalk it up to is the invisible verse between verse four and five in the text.

Or more likely the “Mom Look” that Mary must have given her son.

Simply put, when a miracle was needed Mary knew exactly where to look.

She looked to Jesus. She expected a miracle. She believed even after there seemed like there was no hope.

I want to be like Mary.

I want to have expectant faith.

When faced with tough situations I want my first response to be to look to Jesus and not at my circumstances.

I will choose to believe God will show up in my situation.

I am expecting God’s Grace to change my story.

I’ll wrap this up by asking you a question:

When find yourself in a rough spot or when you’re facing a challenge, “What are you looking at?”

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