Always Hopeful

When I was a senior in high school I took part in my first (and last) beauty pageant.

“Mr. Kentridge” was a variety show of sorts that was meant to spoof real pageants and talent competitions.

It was the perfect venue to showcase my skills… or lack thereof.

10 high school guys were out to prove they were Kentridge High School’s finest, most talented, handsome and all-around greatest dude.

There was an opening choreographed dance number. I nailed it.

There was a talent portion. Nailed it.

Then the wheels came off…
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Pace Yourself

DJ is with me on today’s podcast and we’re talking about the importance of pace.

If you run too fast too quickly you’ll have nothing left at the finish line.

If you go too slow for too long you’ll fall behind and be unable to catch the leaders.

Today’s podcast is short, just under five minutes.

Give it a shot and listen to it here: b.mp3

Part two of this podcast airs tomorrow as DJ and I reveal our top five lists.

Thanks for listening.

Remember to set your pace and stick to it.